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This report shows data used as input for categorisation plus generated information of possible interest to AICIS in the event of an audit.


Industrial chemical data

Chemical public name: Chromic acid, barium salt
CAS name: Barium chromate
Portfolio ID: NIC1005242
Division ABC Australia Pty Ltd - Operations
Access status Default - all identifying information (name, CAS etc) visible
Physical state Solid
Origin Locally manufactured
Information availability Introducer does know the CAS number and CAS name for the introduced chemical
CAS number 10294-40-3
AICIS listing Listed with standard reporting obligations and restrictions
CAS name Barium chromate
IUPAC name Not entered
INCI name Not entered
Nano-material No
Nano-soluble No
Incidental nano-material No
UVCB substance Not applicable
UVCB substance description Not applicable
GM product No
Name of GM organism Not applicable
Biological chemical No
Biochemical No
Biocidal active No
Organotin No
UV filter No
Polyhalogenated organic No
Fully fluorinated carbons No
Highly branched organic Not applicable
Persistent No
Readily biodegradable No
Bioconcentration factor Not entered
Bioaccumulation factor Not entered
Octanol/Water partition ratio Not entered
Aqueous solubility Not entered
CDP company Not entered
Data provider Applicant: Contact detail not found
AICIS Business ID: NIC515242

ABC Australia Pty Ltd
Qld 4444
International assessment Not entered
International health assessment No
Permission to use entire health assessment report Not applicable
International environment assessment No
Permission to use entire environment assessment report Not applicable
Rotterdam-Stockholm-Minamata Not detected
Formula Ba.CrH₂O₄
2D structure Not found
Chemical structure Not entered
Molecular weight 253.3 g/mol
EC No Not entered
ChemSpider ID 23481
Standard InChI InChI=1S/Ba.Cr.2H2O.2O/h;;2*1H2;;/q;+2;;;;/p-2 (
InChI=1S/Ba.Cr.4O/q+2;;;;2*-1 (ChemSpider)
SMILES structure [Ba].O=[Cr](=O)(O)O (
[O-][Cr](=O)(=O)[O-].[Ba+2] (ChemSpider)

1  Chemical volume

Product name Yellow pigment
    End use scenario Paint and coating products
    End use Marine coatings
    Maximum end use concentration 0.2  %
    Child or food contact Neither
    Aerosolised during end use No
    Any consumer end use No
    No of items Not entered
    Item unit weight Not entered
    Product volume 500  t
    Precise proportion 50%  m/m  Chromic acid, barium salt
    Chemical volume 250  t


Report ID Not entered
Exclusion Not applicable
Specified class Not applicable
Circumstances Not applicable
Introduction category Listed on the AICIS inventory with standard reporting obligations and restrictions
Total introduced 250,000.0  kg
Maximum concentration 0.2  %
Software revision 1.2.4

2  Hazards

H350 H350 Carcinogenicity: Category 1: May cause cancer
IC-R.S1.2.4.09 IC-R.S1.2.4.09 Environmental pollutant: Metals: Contains aluminium, chromium, copper, nickel, selenium, silver or zinc

17  Synonyms

.. aka .. Barium chromate
.. aka .. Barium chromate (1:1)
.. aka .. Barium chromate (BaCrO4)
.. aka .. Barium chromate(VI)
.. aka .. Barium chromium oxide (BaCrO4)
.. aka .. Barium yellow
.. aka .. Baryta yellow
.. aka .. C.I. 77103
.. aka .. C.I. Pigment Yellow 31
.. aka .. Chromic acid (H2CrO4), barium salt (1:1)
.. aka .. Lemon Yellow
.. aka .. Lemon Yellow (inorganic pigment)
.. aka .. Lemon chrome
.. aka .. OP 206
.. aka .. Permanent yellow
.. aka .. Pigment Yellow 31
.. aka .. Ultramarine yellow

4  Useful links

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