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Report summary

ChemicalChromic acid, barium salt
AICIS feeNil

Provided data entry for this chemical is accurate, it can be introduced forthwith. However, the terms of the listing must be complied with. These typically include quantity, concentration, end uses and annual reporting requirements. See 'Useful link' named 'AICIS CAS Number search' - which may lead to AICIS terms of listing.


Details required by AICIS

Business name:ABC Australia Pty Ltd
Business contact:Contact detail not found
Agent:Contact detail not found
Report contact:Contact detail not found
AICIS registration number:NIC515242
Portfolio ID:NIC1005242
PIR ID: Get this from AICIS after introduction
Name of industrial chemical: Chromic acid, barium salt
Do you know the proper name: Yes
Proper name: Barium chromate
CAS number: 10294-40-3
Primary name: Chromic acid, barium salt
Is it a UVCB: No
Is it a high molecular weight polymer: Not a polymer
Will it be imported or manufactured in Australia: Locally manufactured
What is the maximum total volume of the chemical introduced in Australia during a registration year>10,000 kg
What is the end use of the chemical Paint and coating products
Specify the end use of the chemical Marine coatings
Does the introduction belong to a specified classNo
Does the introduction involve "a designated kind of release to the environment"No
Will the industrial chemical have an end use in cosmeticsNo
What is the maximum concentration at end use0.2%
Does the chemical have a human health hazard characteristicYes
Does the chemical have an environment hazard characteristicYes
What is the human health exposure band for the chemicalBand -
What criteria was used to determine the human health exposure bandItem no. -
What is the environment exposure band for the chemicalBand -
What criteria was used to determine the environment exposure bandItem no. -
Date submitted-
AICIS annual reporting


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