Under Australian legislation the Regulator (AICIS) needs to know (via the introducer) precisely which industrial chemicals are being introduced into the country. This law is designed to protect human health and the environment.

Compliance is still possible if an introducer doesn't know which chemicals are in an imported product or a blend.

An introducer needs to believe that information will be provided by the supplier on request by AICIS.

Compliance where local knowledge is slim, inter alia, now includes:

  • Name of a person whom the introducer believes on reasonable grounds would, if requested, provide necessary chemical information to AICIS
  • A statement as to the reasons for that belief




  • In using the word "statement", AICIS are able to rely on it as truth. It allows them to execute their responsibilities under the Act.
  • It would be self-evident in any court that such a "statement" must be founded on the overseas supplier knowing what information may be requested.

To address this situation, Chemintro ...

  • produces a Memorandum of Understanding for the overseas supplier, detailing the precise information specified by the Rules and Guidelines for the properties of any particular chemical and
  • also auto-creates a templated statement ready for you to complete.