We will execute a mutual non-disclosure agreement on request.

A Consultant company in Chemintro is one with at least one user in the Consultant role. The Consultant role is available on request.

Consultants cannot process introductions for different clients under their own company name. A new company must be created in Chemintro for each client.

Consultants must have separate credentials to login to client companies. See 'Silo' below.


Each company registered in Chemintro is a secure information silo.

A company can have multiple named 'Divisions' to segregate portfolios of chemicals having separate AICIS Portfolio IDs.

This allows chemicals from multiple portfolios to be ingredients in the same company products or blends.


Occasionally, different consulting companies work for the same client company. Chemintro still handles this in separate, secure silos. Contact us to discuss options.




Best security practice is to assign only roles (permissions) which are required.

The most sensitive role is Admin. If you register a company in Chemintro, you automatically acquire the Admin role.

Only the Admin user can see all other users for a company.

Only the Admin user can assign/remove roles and add/disable user logins.

This makes the Admin role responsible for in-house security.

If a new Client comes on board with an existing Chemintro account, requirements for keeping secrets are:

  • Agree with the Client exactly who is responsible for security
  • The agreed responsible person should exclusively acquire the Admin role
  • The Admin should prune non-essential roles from all users
  • The Admin should disable login for all non-current users including those on leave