Chemintro revision history

Revisions in Chemintro are prompted by migrating AICIS goalposts and requests from users. You are most welcome to contact us and ask for improvements or explanation of particular changes listed here.

Triple digit version numbers mean: (currently 2.0.1)

  • Major - significant change including infrastructure
  • Minor - new feature deployed
  • Patch - improvement or bugfix


2024-02-29 - Rev 2.0.1 - Deploy AICIS February changes to the inventory. See

2024-02-06 - Chemintro now in production at version 2.0

2024-02-06 - Rev 2.0 - Full circle coverage of the Act from Exempted, Reported and Assessed categorisations with Provable Correctness, IUCLID6 workflow management for Assessed category dossier assembly, bulk automated data entry through to precision inventory status monitoring for Listed category chemicals. See Bulk operations videos

2024-02-01 - Rev 1.14 - Add an "AICIS authorisation required" note for chemicals subject to international treaties. See

2023-12-27 - Rev 1.13 - Optional product name delivers product ingredients from bulk import from the Rev 1.12 list of CAS numbers. See

2023-11-22 - Rev 1.12 - Bulk import and Listing report delivers a bulk import from a list of CAS numbers. See

2023-10-20 - Rev 1.11 - Management command to detect inventory changes. This sends an email to the reg affairs team if a Not yet acknowledged (NYA) note exists. See

2023-08-30 - Rev 1.10.2 - Update link to current AICIS Rules

2023-07-30 - Rev 1.10.1 - Deploy AICIS Inventory updates. See

2023-07-25 - Rev 1.10.0 - Automate updating of Inventory notes directly from AICIS Evaluation pdf reports. See

2023-04-05 - Rev 1.9.2 - Update AIIC inventory from AICIS published changes to the end of March 2023. See

2023-03-29 - Rev 1.9.2 - Produce 8 short demonstration videos walking through a simple introduction. See

2023-03-22 - Rev 1.9.2 - Embed AIIC inventory for local searching. This repairs the AICIS website "improvement" whereby they prevented generated URLs from finding a particular entry by CAS number. See

2023-02-10 - Rev 1.9.1 - Flavour and fragrance blend categorisation - including improving AICIS guidance. See

2023-02-01 - Rev 1.9.0 - Chemical blends prompted by flavour/fragrance blends but essentially a very useful mechanism for adding a pre-defined set (blend) of existing chemicals to a Product. See

2023-01-31 - Rev 1.8.2 - Products can now be branded. Brands are established on the Company page by a user in the Manager role. Includes uploading a logo image and setting display dimensions. The image also has a title used for mouse rollover text. That appears instead if no image is uploaded. See

2023-01-22 - Rev 1.8.1 - The IFRA Transparency List useful link now brings up the specific (pdf) page for the ingredient CAS number if found - otherwise the entire table as per #44. See

2023-01-19 - Rev 1.8.0 - Added a reference table of IFRA Transparency List permitted cosmetic ingredients available via automatic useful links. See

2022-12-29 - Rev 1.7.0 - Deployed htmx on the home page for logged-in members of the Author group so they can search their chemicals. This is experimental for now. See

2022-12-19 - Rev 1.6.0 - Repaired the is_inorganic() method which had been returning True if there was no molecular formula. It now correctly returns None (equivalent to False). See

2022-12-13 - Rev 1.5.0 - New cosmetic introductions feature. Many restrictions and prohibitions exist for cosmetic ingredients. If prohibited, Chemintro will not permit cosmetic use. If restricted, a note requiring acknowledgement is automatically created. See

2022-12-09 - Rev 1.4.0 - New Reported <= 10kg category - AICIS has listened to introducers and changed the Rules to allow a Reported category for small quantities up to 10kg per annum. The significance is that you no longer need to nail down the proof (studies and test reports) from your secretive overseas supplier! See

2022-10-11 - Rev 1.3.0 - Significant new feature - Memorandum of Understanding which discloses real-world consequences regarding specific chemical information of interest to AICIS if not divulged within the 40 day deadline. See

2022-09-15 - Changed the "Salt and/or ester parent hazards" system to ensure users do not miss what is happening. See

2022-09-07 - Enhanced the Summary report to include source information upon which the categorisation is based. This gets updated for all introductions listed in open reports when they are saved. A closed report is one with the Submitted field set to 'Yes'. See

2022-08-11 - Enhanced the OECD tests with a clickable link to each test guideline and populated a new field Equivalent tests from the AICIS Guidelines taking Chemintro to revision 1.1. See

2022-08-01 - Chemintro now in production at version 1.0.0

2022-07-28 - Document management for AICIS assessments is now deployed. Essentially Chemintro creates a series of notes for all "Required" documentation for an assessment. As documentation is nailed, the note gets converted to a link and a user can see exactly what remains to be done while being also able to bring up the documentation on demand. One can choose to create separate series of notes for "If available" documentation. "Required" and "If available" vary depending on categorisation of the chemical. See

2022-07-07 - Assessment IUCLID6 checklists deployed. Depending on risk focus, AICIS either Requires particular evidence supporting claims or proving hazards do not exist OR wants to see them If available. Chemintro now constructs those two checklists automatically. See

2022-06-15 - Auto-delete irrelevant Useful links to AICIS checklists and record keeping obligations when user adjustments cause the categorisation to change. Similarly, irrelevant Notes are deleted - except if they have been edited, in which case the title gets "No longer relevant" appended.

2022-05-30 - Added 'Origin' and 'Info availability' mandatory fields to the landing pages initial chemical data entry screen.

2022-04-19 - Add tilde '~' prefix to "~Product containing <chemical>" so it sinks alphabetically. Auto-remove ~ prefix if the product gains any volume. This affects the Products page and Product selection drop-down lists'. It means we can create a 'spare' extra product which conveniently stays out of the way but can be easily found when needed.

2022-04-15 - Refresh website demo reports to reflect improved formatting

2022-04-10 - Complete 'Provable Chemintro Correctness' test harness!

2022-04-06 - Rework nanoscale categorisation to suit recent AICIS changes. Added a 'Not known' selection alongside 'Yes/No'.

2022-03-30 - New 'Product-chemical proportions' screen showing only non-zero volume ingredients. Added volume display with comma-formatted large numbers.

2022-03-23 - Simplify bulk package pricing and add option for dedicated server

2022-03-21 - Minamata Convention changes deployed for products containing Mercury

2022-02-01 - Add consultants page to cover multiple company scenarios

2022-01-27 - Test-harness development commences for 'Provable Chemintro Correctness'

2022-01-21 - New set of AICIS 'Useful links' auto-created for comparable CAS number

2022-01-12 - Add sitemap.xml and excluded parts of the site from search engines

2022-01-01 - International assessments declaration to suit new AICIS requirement

2021-12-02 - Welcome email upon registration

2021-11-18 - Website 'Contact' form

2021-11-10 - Revise process flow and automate AICIS links

2021-11-04 - Polymer percentages changed from integers to decimals

2021-10-28 - Rework to allow starting with product instead of chemical

2021-09-09 - Environment/Health notes and oecd tests simultaneously with categorisation

2021-08-24 - Added Introduction 'Submitted' and date fields for user info

2021-08-24 - Health and environment risk added to computed comment

2021-08-24 - Trade secrets approach with Agent role hiding data

2021-08-05 - AICIS fee calculator page

2021-08-05 - Home page adjusted for visitors to self-select their focus

2021-08-02 - Implement Exclude/Include actions to allow control over Annual Summary

2021-07-26 - Archive introduction data on the date annual declaration is submitted

2021-07-09 - Comma formating for large numbers in Introduction report

2021-07-09 - Link and Note "Not applicable" in title defeats software

2021-07-05 - First used for AICIS introductions

2021-06-23 - Added job_title to userprofile for Annual Summary report

2021-06-01 - Three decimal places for percentage Max concentration and Proportion

2021-05-25 - Added licence terms acceptance prior to producing Introduction report

2021-02-14 - Excluded entire site from all search engines

2020-12-14 - Revisions bumped from 0.0.0 in stages to 0.9.0

2020-10-16 - Project commences