Chemintro instantly delivers valuable business certainty with provable correctness for industrial chemical categorisations.

It is a secure online information management system for AICIS categorisations, assessments, inventory listings, reports, declarations, audits and more.

It is also a secure information system for branded products, chemical blends and ingredients whether industrial chemicals or not.

Business case

  • Instant answers to complex questions help with good business decisions
  • Manage business risk by eliminating human error from regulatory complexity
  • Save time and effort with automated categorisation - minutes versus hours or even days!
  • Support all AICIS obligations with information and document management
  • Gain competitive advantage with 'What if' volume/formulation testing

While information management and time saving are both important, business risk management is vital!

Manually categorising a chemical offers many opportunities for human error.

Human error can be eliminated. Chemintro is Provably Correct.

AICIS is obliged to revoke authorisation and thereby disrupt distribution in a case of under-categorisation or inadequate information/document management. Top

Business case - larger enterprises

  • Unlimited number of ingredients and blends in an unlimited number of products
  • Real-world model, including product branding, allows any report to be designed
  • What-if capability supports decision making when culling or widening ranges
  • Roles based access restricts information visibility on need-to-know basis
  • Chemintro Provable Correctness eliminates risk from regulatory complexity

Business case - smaller enterprises

  • Rapid accurate answers to support decision-making questions
  • One Chemintro report reveals to suppliers the business consequences of AICIS authority

Ask us about how Chemintro helps obtain hard-to-get test results and studies! Top


Chemintro system design prevents unauthorised access to your data.

  • Each company's information exists exclusively in its own secure silo
  • Each company's Admin completely controls all access to data for that company's users
  • Company Admin assigns precisely calibrated information access roles to each user
  • Clear security guidance is presented to the Admin at the point of inducting a new user
  • User login can be disabled/enabled by the Admin for staff on holiday
  • All traffic is encrypted
  • Strong passwords are enforced
  • Certificates and ACLs protect access to Chemintro servers
  • Server security updates are checked and applied daily
  • ACLs, strong passwords and encryption protect Chemintro databases
  • chemintro.com rates A+ when tested at Qualys SSL Labs Top

Simple to use

Chemintro requires minimal human data entry for categorisation. Other necessary information is automatically located or calculated.

Chemintro design recognises that unnecessary data adds unnecessary costs.

The dual purpose is ease of use and minimising opportunities for human error. Top

Simplicity caveat

There will always be complexity lurking in some introductions because chemistry is sometimes like that. If in doubt, we can refer you to competent consultants for expert assistance. Top